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Parity: a reality

Parity: a reality

Since its inception, alternative energy has gradually clawed its way to FINANCIAL PARITY with other forms of energy production. As the following article reports, one major energy giant has (no pun intended) seen the...


Because Solar Energy systems save you money, they pay for themselves. Since they require no fuel and have no moving parts, they are warrantied for up to 25 years. During that time they will pay for themselves many times over. That means they are a “performing...


Solar Jeff Smith is pleased to partner with SOLAR DIRECT, as a consultant, specializing in Commercial Photo-Voltaic and Water Heating installations.

Solar Consulting – Confused? I can help.

There is so much buzz concerning SOLAR ENERGY these days, it’s difficult to know which way to go. Could you benefit from this technology? As a Solar Energy Consultant, specializing in Commercial Photo-Voltaic and Water Heating installations, I can explain these...

“Instant” Hot Water

Hate to watch that water flow down the drain while waiting for it to get hot? Many houses utilize circulation loops that cycle the water through the pipes, keeping hot water near the faucets. Those systems require a “return loop” pipe, typically a...

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