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Solar Solutions for Sarasota

How you spend your “energy dollars” is a critical element of your budget. Sarasota homeowners, business operators and even renters can reduce costs by careful analysis of how those dollars are allocated. Combined, the myriad options make for CAREFUL USE OF YOUR ENERGY DOLLARS.

These days, alternative energy sources like  wind, solar and geo-thermal, can produce power at rates on parity with fossil fuels. LED lighting can operate on the output of photo-voltaic panels. Solar thermal water-heating systems provide all the hot water you need, without a single watt of expensive electricity. Window tinting, insulation, off-grid security or landscape lighting and all manner of smart solar products reduce consumption. 

Start Saving with SOLAR!

Solar 4 Sarasota allows you  to compare technologies  and evaluate your alternative energy options.

solar electricity generation

Many electric utilities offer “net-metering” arrangements to their customers, allowing for the “rooftop” generation of electricity for use by that customer. Basically, when the system produces more power than is consumed, the meter runs backwards, and the customer pays the “net” amount. Some communities allow for larger scale arrays (typically, ground-mounted) which produce enough power to share among many users. Businesses are generally allowed larger systems, either rooftop, ground-mounted or on parking lot canopies. Depending on the cost of electricity, Solar Photo-voltaic system pay for themselves several times over during the warrantied lifespan. See what the return on investment can be for FP&L customers in Sarasota county.

Domestic Water-heating

The average Sarasota family spends as much as 15% on their domestic water-heating, whether electric or gas powered. Like a giant electric kettle, a water-heater costs only a few hundred dollars but is the most inefficient use of utility power. Conversely, a solar water-heating system cost several times as much, but uses no power at all. Typically, these systems consist of a very large storage, a thermal collector on the roof and a small pump that circulates the water between the two. Solar powered pumps are generally used, moving the water only when the sun is shining sufficiently to heat the stored water. 

Pool heating

Floridians know that their pools are frequently too cool to use during winter months. Gas or electric heaters are expensive to purchase and cost a lot to operate. On the other hand, solar pool heaters a inexpensive and incur no energy cost. They are easily installed in one day or less. With no moving parts, they just lie there doing their job, year after year. Enjoy our Sarasota winters in your solar-heated pool.

all kinds of cool stuff

Advancements in photo-voltaic panels, batteries, brushless motors and LED technology have given us a wide variety of “stand-alone” lighting, water-pumping, security devices, toys, decorations and you-name-it. These extremely efficient devices can replace old-fashioned 120V AC motors and lights and save you money. By keeping lights off-grid, we eliminate wiring AND costly utility-supplied electricity. We can arrange discounted drop-shipment to Sarasota within days.

free phone consultations, evaluations and advice

The world of alternative energy is complicated and can be confusing. Solar Jeff Smith has spent 35 years learning about, promoting and installing Solar Technology around the world between the tropics. Now located in Sarasota, he has turned his interest toward informing and assisting home and business owners who want to MAKE THE MOST OF THEIR ENERGY DOLLARS.


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